Content marketing

Case studies, blogging, web-optimized copywriting, expert articles.

Why do we need content marketing?

In the past decade both the media, and way we consume it has changed dramatically. It is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the target audience through a well-defined, specific channel, and therefore the cost of reach is continuously rising.

Content marketing provides an opportunity to send our messages directly to our target audience, bypassing traditional channels.

Copywriting for the web

Copywriting for the web is different than traditional writing. When writing for an online platform, we use the reverse triangle principle, placing the most important information ahead.

Besides, we need to make sure that our text is rich in keywords. These keywords should be phrases that we want our page to appear for on search sites.

Content marketing services

Copywriting services:

  • Copywriting for the web
  • Search engine optimized copywriting
  • Copywriting for brochures
  • Expert articles
  • Case studies
  • Writing text for speeches
  • Greeting texts
  • Technical articles

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