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Marketing campaigns and promotions

Traditional advertising campaigns, social media, gerilla and viral marketing campaigns and promotions from planning to execution.

Integrated communication campaigns

As a full-service communications agency, we are not devoted to just one solution. We can help you find the right channels to send your marketing messages to your target audience in the most cost-effective way.

We constantly measure the performance of different tools and channels during a campaign and modify the budget according to the results. We synchronize the various tools used in marketing campaigns, and whenever it's possible, support them with press communication.

Besides traditional marketing campaigns, we can plan and manage social, gerilla and viral campaigns as well.


We offer the following marketing campaign management services for our clients:

  • Media buying
  • Managing and planning marketing campaigns
  • Discounted media buying, managing advertisement campaigns
  • Social, gerilla and viral marketing campaigns
  • Managing DM campaigns
  • Managing inbound marketing campaigns
  • Conversion tracking of marketing campaigns

Related services

  • Copywriting
  • Press communication
  • Media monitoring

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