Media training - PS:PRovocative PR-ügynökség

Media training

Media trainings typically last for several days, during which we teach managers and spokespeople of a company how to give effective interviews and issue statements in the media, in cooperation with television and radio journalists.

Depending on the agreement, the training's duration can vary between 2 to 5 days, providing 2 to 3 days of practical experience. On the media training we place emphasis on television and radio interviews as well as practicing written statements.

The training is held by experienced professionals, editors of TV news programs and radio presenters.


  • Target audience: professionals - decision makers, company leaders, spokespeople - whose job includes issueing statements and giving interviews.
  • Ideal number of participants: 2-10 people
  • Duration: 2-3 days
We have learned actual market information about the trends of press communications through many practical examples. Besides that we learned lots of practical advices and ideas, which can be used in our everyday practice of press communication and budget planning.

Katalin Haraszti – DHL Hungary

Recommended syllabus:

I. Practicing television appearances

  • Arriving and unexpected interview
  • Interview about your job
  • Interview based on a press release
  • Conveying messages
  • 3 minute professional interview on given subject
  • Imitation of studio conversation

II. Practicing radio interviews

  • Interview based on a press release
  • 3 minute professional interview on given subject
  • Imitation of studio conversation

III. Other excercises

  • Leading the reporter
  • Answering questions of the audience

IV. Theory

  • Rules of radio interviews
  • Editing process of radio and television news programs
  • Clarifying copyright issues
  • Writing expert articles and becoming experts
  • Writing articles in a reverse pyramid structure