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SEO with PR tools training

The goal of SEO (search engine optimization or search enging marketing) is to raise the search result ranking of a company for relevant search terms on search sites. SEO, however, requires complex skills, it is not enough to know the tricks, as there are fewer and fewer tricks left.

Participants of the training learn how to help your company, as a communications expert to reach a better ranking in search results for relevant search terms.


  • Target audience: communications experts, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals
  • Ideal number of participants: 5-15 people
  • Duration: 1 day

Recommended syllabus

  • Definition and fields of Search Engine Marketing
  • When is it worth to focus on search ads and on search engine optimization?
  • What should a pr professional know about the coding of websites and programming?
  • How to choose the right search terms and enter the competition?
  • Traditional copywriting vs. copywriting for the web
  • What is the difference between traditional copywriting vs. copywriting for the web
  • How to choose link partners?
  • Is it dangerous to pack our press releases with search terms?
  • How to measure the success of SEO projects?
  • What kind of softwares can support the effectiveness of SEO projects?
  • Why and how can we call developers to account?
  • Hwat should we know about the psychology and lifespan of web projects, how can we prepare for the future?
  • What should a pr professional ask for from the webdesigner and the programmer?