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Success in the press communication training

The aim of the training is to introduce the rules you need to keep during interviews and teach you how to make the most of your press contacts.


  • Target audience: Managers, middle and top managers and PR professionals with not more than a few years of experience, or those who would like to learn more
  • Ideal number of participants: 5-15 people
  • Duration: 1 day

How can you benefit from the training?

  • You will understand how journalists think
  • You learn how to turn dry news into exciting stories
  • You learn to avoid common mistakes in press communication
  • You get to know the copyright rules of press statements
  • You acquire knowledge about radio and television appearances that are not discussed on most media trainings
  • You learn to achieve that journalists treat you as a partner
  • You recognize the importance of media relations management, the creation of a statement policy and archiving media appearances
  • You recieve practical tips for press releases
  • You get to know media monitoring providers in Hungary

From the syllabus:

  • Principles of press communication, forms of statements
  • Separating private and professional opinions
  • The principle of simultaneous communication
  • Forms of appearances: distinguishing paid advertisement and news
  • Froms of statements
  • Opportunuties for exclusive interviews
  • Interview and copyright, the right for approval
  • Blogs, content managements and becoming an expert
  • Practical tips and tricks