Success on Facebook training

The aim of the training is to make you understand that Facebook as a communication channel is not owned by the company. Attendees can learn to avoid bad Facebook strategies, and use the Facebook budget more effectively.

The training describes how to adapt to the constantly changing rules and introduces tools we can use for marketing on Facebook. Our goal is to make Facebook an intergral and effective part of the marketingmix.


  • Target audience: Marketing and communications professionals, decision makers who manage marketing budgets
  • Ideal number of participants: 5-15 people
  • Duration: 1 day
  • A tréning eszközigénye: Számítógép a résztvevőknek

Recommended syllabus:

I. Theoretical section

  • Facebook history: When and how did the biggest brands join Facebook?
  • Facebook Edgerank know-how: How do our posts appear on the timeline of our fans?
  • Collecting likes and others: Which marketing strategies to avoid on Facebook?
  • Conversion pixel, remarketing and others: Which marketing strategies should we use on Facebook? How can we reach long-term success?
  • Facebook case studies: Practical examples from PS:PRovocative's campaigns

II. Practical section

  • Facebook Business and Facebook Developers
  • Creating a new Facebook page from the basics
  • Creating a Facebook ad account
  • Creating a Facebook developers account
  • Embed Facebook social plugins in our website
  • Creating a Facebook tracking code and embedding it in our website
  • Creating a Facebook custom audience based on an Excel file
  • Managing and creating Facebook ads
  • Creating and adding a Facebook application to our Facebook page
  • Creating an Antavo social promotion and embedding it in our Facebook page