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Public Relations for Luxottica
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The starting point

The European Union announced its E-Money Directive in 2009 to foster the creation of innovative, comfortable and fast methods of payment, and to help the establishment of the European competitors of the American payment companies.

Money currently exists in three forms in the EU countries: hard cash, money kept in the bank accounts, and e-money. E-money is money of which record is kept on electronical storage devices (chip cards) or on servers.

Barion is a HUF based e-money operated by the Barion Payment PLC. (MNB licence number, valid for all parts of the EU: H-EN-I-1064/2013, institutional identification number: 14859034.)

Target groups

Barion is a start-up company that has to flexibly react to the new developments in its environment. In the course of the 9 months of working together our client changed its strategy several times. We pursued general residential communication (parking using e-money, the advantages of e-money), partner communication (PCI DSS, using e-money at the payment terminals in stores), communication with the IT developers (Barion API, Wordpress integration) and communication with investors. And in the end, we communicated the advantages of the Barion payment gate, accomplished meanwhile, to a special target group, the participants of social economy.

The continuation of the project

Sense/Net PLC., the company that launched the service, has meanwhile founded Barion Payment PLC., a new, independant company for Barion.

Barion Payment has received foreign investment of six million euros, ie almost two billion forints in 2017.

Press samples

Barion – intelligent payment solutions
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