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The challenge

Honor as a brand was already popular in Asia, but almost completely unknown in Europe, when Huawei decided to introduce its top device, Honor 6 on the Hungarian market. Honor 6 is positioned as a direct competitor to the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, with a much lower price achieved by the company's strategy of shortening the distribution channel.

The manufacturer had high expectations of the campaign, during a 3 months period the goal was to reach over 300 media appearances and at least 50 product tests by bloggers.

Inspiron Solutions, our Czech partner agency became responsible for the market launch, and PS:PRovocative received the task of introducing the device on the Hungarian market.

The solution

In order to achieve the set goals, in addition to three central press releases, we came up with several local press release ideas to spark media interest. We issued a release based on a market research targeting non-technical media, and several releases focusing on specific benefits of the device aimed at media of various interests.

Honor provided us with an appropriate amount of test devices, as a result, we could sent them out to over 60 journalists and bloggers for testing. We organized press trips for the European launch in Berlin and the anniversary of the brand in Beijing, resulting in lengthy and positive reports.

Besides traditional press communication, we established the brand’s social media presence with a Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter pages and localized the webpage forthebrave.hu, where members of the community could form a virtual line to be the first ones to receive a Honor 6 smartphone.

About Honor

Honor is a brand of Chinese manufacturer Huawei, operating with an innovative business model. One of the key points of the Consumer to Business (C2B) model is using the feedback of consumers to shape the way products are developed and designed.

This applies to the sales model as well, Honor has no expensive TV ads, marketing campaigns, or a multi-layered sales channel: the products can primarily be purchased online.

The design, functions and interface of the products have been shaped by the opinion of the consumers. This is the first time that a company allows its customers to become active participants in the creation of a mobile device.


Honor brand introduction in Hungary
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