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The challenge

Nikolett Fantoly, a young actress asked for our agency’s help after a failed attempt tor un Jean Cocteau’s monodrama, The human voice in Játékszín, a theatre in Budapest – the play had no audience in November.

Our task was to carry out a campaign to fill the seats for the play during the 4 months it was on and to draw the attention of prominent professionals in the world of theatre on the young actress.

Jean Cocteau’s monodrama depicts the last phone conversation between a woman and her love, where the audience can only hear what she says. The play was hosted by an independent theatre, Spinoza, accomodating 70 people at a time.

The solution

As a basis of our communication, our first step was to create a website, a Facebook page and an events page for the play and organize a photoshoot with a celebrity photographer. Afterwards, we organized a press viewing for cultural media and all media with a strong culture section.

After the event we issued the first press release, which was followed by three more releases, including one about the photoshoot with Krisztián Éder, well-known celebrity photographer.

We spent the limited advertising budget on online program recommendations, radiospots and radiointerviews, and Facebook ads. We targeted those interested in theatre and culture with sweepstakes, while the younger audiences through blogs and university newspapers.

Theatre professionals received a unique and personal invitation.

The results

  • Full audience.
  • Online tickets were sold out before the play, every time.
  • Nikolett Fantoly had the chance to introduce herself to theatre directors.
  • 100+ media appearances.


In recent years the ratio of people being uninterested in cultural programs raised to 26% in Hungary.

While 18% of EU residents attend cultural events on a regular basis, this number in Hungary is only 7%.

Personal branding campaign for Nikolett Fantoly

Elnyert szakmai díjak

Fantoly Nikolett színésznő hírnevének hatékony növeléséért munkánkat 2014-ben a kommunikációs szakma MPRSZ Sándor Imre PR-Díjjal és Kreatív Prizma Personal Branding különdíjjal jutalmazta.

Fantoly Nikolett

The young and independent actress graduated in 2012 at Kazán István Kamaraszínház, in performing arts and acting. She played in several theatrical productions, including the main role in Dezső Szomory’s Bella, participated in the productions of Kazán István Theatre, G.B. Shaw’s monodrama, Joan of Arc in 2010, Ferenc Karinthy’s Gellérthegyi álmok and William Mastrosimone’s The Woolgatherer. Tamás Sas, director of The human voice saw her in the latter and asked her to play the monodrama.


Play audio invitation

We sent a unique and personal invitation to theatre professionals to come and see the play. It consisted of a phone receiver, an MP3 player and a message from the actress.

Personal branding campaign for Nikolett Fantoly
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