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Creative press events for Sony

The challenge:

As the communications agency of Pandora, our task was to increase the awareness of the brand in Hungary, communicate the unique concept of the jewelry and introduce a new collection.

We faced challenges due to the presence of an internationally unified website and newsletter that excluded the option to display localized content, the ban on the creation of a Hungarian Facebook page and inflexible advertising options.

Our agency was also responsible for the translation of all communications material for the brand.

The solution

Besides press releases about new collections, we ensured a steady media presence by creating localized releases based on representative market research related to the season, a holiday or an occasion. We created a unique monthly newsletter for journalists and editors of fashion magazines, fashion bloggers and stylists informing them about Pandora jewelry matching the newest fashion trends and other useful news about jewelry. We lent jewelry for photoshoots in cooperation with Pandora's sales department

We organized press events in locations matching the style of new collections, and in the Váci street store of Pandora. When we could not organize a special event for the press, we visited the most popular fashion media and introduced new collections presonally. We also paid special attention to fashion bloggers and used media platforms of shopping malls to communicate news about the brand.

Sponsoration and media planning

We met the target audience of the brand personally on two events: Marie Claire Fashion Days, where besides having a booth, the brand was represented on two fashion shows, where the models were wearing Pandora jewelry, and the opening of Estilo Fashion Hotel, where we showcased jewlery on a fashion show and in a uniquely decorated room.

In addition to PR related tasks, we were responsible for the media planning of Pandora's adwords, print and online campaigns, making the brand familiar to readers of the most well-known women and men's fashion magazines and websites.

Reputation management for PANDORA
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