Brand communication with PR - PS:PRovocative PR Agency

Brand communication with PR tools training

It is clear that brands want to appear in the media as often as possible, relfected in a positive way, and it is also clear that it would be best if no payment was required for this.

Unfortunately even a brand communication training won't give you lengthy free media appearances, however, we can show you how to reach better results buy paying less money and more attention.


  • Target audience: communications experts, marketing professionals, senior managers
  • Ideal number of participants: 5-15 people
  • Duration: 1 day

Recommended syllabus

  • Advertisement or professional content? basics of media
  • What is newsworthy?
  • How does the Hungarian press work today?
  • Optimization and rewriting of press releases
  • Creating value in the economy of information
  • Creating and maintaining owned media
  • Advanced content marketing
  • The secrets of press event organization
  • Measuring success: what is a good KPI?
  • Discussion about case studies of PS:PRovocative