Brand communication with PR tools training

It is clear that brands want to appear in the media as often as possible, relfected in a positive way, and it is also clear that it would be best if no payment was required for this.

Unfortunately even a brand communication training won't give you lengthy free media appearances, however, we can show you how to reach better results buy paying less money and more attention.


  • Target audience: communications experts, marketing professionals, senior managers
  • Ideal number of participants: 5-15 people
  • Duration: 1 day
The training presented the comprehensive theoretical knowledge with practical examples. Professional news about actual trends was helpful. The training can be used as an advanced training or for the colleagues working in the field, but who do not have specific professional training yet. In addition to the material presented, I would highlight assistance on crisis communication and specific issues related to the main theme.

Judit Hegedűs – Marketing Manager Eastern Europe, Nu Skin Enterprisesr

Recommended syllabus

  • Advertisement or professional content? basics of media
  • What is newsworthy?
  • How does the Hungarian press work today?
  • Optimization and rewriting of press releases
  • Creating value in the economy of information
  • Creating and maintaining owned media
  • Advanced content marketing
  • The secrets of press event organization
  • Measuring success: what is a good KPI?
  • Discussion about case studies of PS:PRovocative