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Presentation skills training

The success of a presentation depends on verbal and non-verbal communication as well, what we say and how we present it is equally important. The training helps you to acquire the neccesarry skills to give persuasive presentations.

The goal of the training is to explain the basic principles of human communication and teach participants presentation techniques and skills that help them communicate more effectively in their professional lives.


  • Target audience: Every professional, whose job requires to give presentations
  • Ideal number of participants: 6-10 people
  • Minimum duration: 1 day

The training consists of the following sections:

1. Section

  • Clarifying the rules of the training, introduction, ice breakers.
  • Communication models.
  • Verbal, non-verbal and metacommunication.
  • Cultural differences, importance of code sets.

2. Section

  • Learn to present: style practice.
  • Planning a presentation: important and irrelevant elements.
  • Tools of presentation: Prezi and others
  • Participants give their own presentations on a chosen topic, which is recorded on camera and evaluated.

3. Section

  • Self-awareness: what is my communication style?
  • Self-awareness: how can I change my bad communication patterns?
  • Self-awareness: getting over fear

4. Section

  • Presentations of participants.
  • Replaying and analysing the presentations.