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Product launch in times of COVID-19


The brand awareness of Sonos was low in Hungary due to lack of information about the brand’s products. Sonos decided to raise brand awareness in the CEE region and tasked PS:PRovocative to carry out a PR campaign in Hungary.

The challenge

Executing a PR campaign – including product reviews – to raise brand awareness among Hungarian consumers. Adapting the brand’s messages and applying them to the COVID-19 situation to uphold the brand’s reputation. Locally adapting and coordinating a global product launch campaign, creating a high-impact news cycle. The travel restrictions made it impossible to hold the previously planned media event in London which would have introduced the brand’s new products. Therefore, rapidly adapting to the changing environment, Sonos transformed the product launch into an enlightening and unexpected digital experience for journalists.

The results

During the three-month period, 9 articles were published by journalists testing existing Sonos products, all of whom had a positive opinion towards the brand. Among these were a comprehensive article on and, two of the most visited Hungarian online news portals. The Sonos products also got the ‘recommended product’ endorsement of, CHIP Magazin, and Sztereó Sound & Vision, some of the most known specialized, professional technological and audiovisual magazines in Hungary.

Sonos’ newest product was sent to two journalists in the first wave, with reviews still ongoing.

  • 9 product tests - 9 articles
  • 3 press releases - 30 media appearances
  • Comprehensive, positive reviews on and
  • Endorsements from, CHIP Magazin, and Sztereó Sound & Vision

The solution

Our activities were divided into three segments:

First, we reached out to journalists in order to kick off an extensive review program of Sonos’ existing products. In total we organized nine product tests within a few weeks, including journalists of highly frequented news sites’ tech columns, technological outlets and specialized audiovisual magazines. We kept close contact with the journalists throughout the review process.

Second, as part of our creative communications activities, we issued a press release based on the results of Sonos’ previous study, discussing music’s abilities to improve life quality. We applied the findings to the COVID-19 situation with the message that listening to music can help ease stress while staying at home. We also incorporated information about Sonos’ new service, Sonos Radio, into the article. The article was published on the online platform of numerous lifestyle magazines both targeted at women and men, extending the audience of the brand.

Third, we coordinated Sonos’ product launch campaign in Hungary. We operated as part of an international network of agencies lead by the Sonos PR team from France, while staying in close contact with the American PR team. The product launch took place in the framework of several exclusive, small-group video calls with journalists divided by country. We created an extensive media list and, working closely with the Sonos PR teams, invited five relevant Hungarian journalists with considerable knowledge of Sonos to participate in the pre-briefs and Q&A sessions. After the product launch, we invited the journalists to review the brand’s new products in two waves, before and after the general availability of the products. We kept in close contact with them during the review process.

In order to be up-to-date with Sonos’ technology and be able to answer journalists’ questions thoroughly, we regularly attended training webinars. We got familiar with network management, software and hardware technology, musical services, as well as possible technical issues.

Targeted media communication:

  • Organizing product reviews
  • Informative press releases
  • Organizing exclusive, small-group product launch video calls

Date of publication: May, 2020.

Product launch in times of COVID-19
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