We are communicating smartfood
PS: PRovocative communicates premium fashion

We are communicating smartfood


The first task of our agency is helping the launch of ChiaShake in Hungary, but we are expected to extend our work to other brands as well.

PS: PRovocative is responsible for the press communication and PR campaigns of the ChiaShake brand on behalf of ASUM Superlife Kft., which distributes smart foods.

What makes the task interesting is that our agency has to communicate about a completely new product category, smart food.

Smart foods are wholesome liquid foods that contain optimal proportions of all of the  essential ingredients, including nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, they help to protect the environment, as they do not generate food waste during their preparation, and furthermore, their packaging has a low environmental impact. In contrast, almost two million tonnes of food are thrown away regarding traditional food in Hungary, and the European Union produces about 88 million tonnes of food waste a year, valued at close to 143 billion euros.

The first smart meal to replace an average meal appeared in 2014 in the United States as the invention of a software engineer. Since then many European brands have been born in the last two years. The first of these was the Czech ChiaShake, the special feature of which is that all its products are gluten-free and the vegan versions are also lactose-free – and there is a growing demand for such dishes on the Hungarian market as well.


Over the past 7 years, PS:PRovocative has helped the launch of several brands in Hungary through campaigns and press communications including Romanian Gerovital cosmetics, Chinese Honor mobile phones, and German G DATA antivirus software. 

With the communication of the latter two brands, the agency won several professional awards: Creative Prizma silver in 2014 with G DATA, and Creative Prizma bronze award in 2015 with the introduction of Honor, in addition to the Sándor Imre PR award in 2013 and 2014 with G With DATA campaigns, and in 2015 with Honor Communications.

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