Photoshooting the SS21 collections of Luxottica
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Photoshooting the SS21 collections of Luxottica

Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Oliver Peoples, Ray-Ban, Vogue, Oakley –  as we love these glasses, we were very happy to accept our client’s request to take lifestyle photos of some highlighted models from the new collections.

Luxottica wanted to help its partners’ social media marketing with free-to-use photos, thus they requested our agency to create lifestyle pictures of certain models from the new 2021 spring-summer collection.

We were thrilled to start the photoshoots knowing that we could see the final images on the social media channels of the partner optical stores any time.

This is how the project has started

The challenge for such a project is to photograph 50 different models in different (suitable) life situations and styles. We really like the end result, as Luxottica did, so we continue the project next season. 

Gallery from the final images

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Photoshooting the SS21 collections of Luxottica
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