PS: PRovocative communicates premium fashion
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PS: PRovocative became the agency of Vivre

PS: PRovocative communicates premium fashion

Our agency is honored with the opportunity to represent one of Poland’s leading fashion brands in the Hungarian market.

The Kazar brand is already well-known in the Polish and Czech fashion industries, and since 2015, five stores have been opened in Hungary as well in ALLEE, Arena Plaza, Premier Outlet and Westend Shopping Center, as well as at 28 Váci street.

Kazar’s target group consists of women and men who prefer modern, metropolitan fashion but still seek and represent a unique taste. The products include both women’s and men’s accessories – leather bags, shoes, belts, as well as sunglasses and women’s scarves.

We started working with the premium fashion brand in March 2019. During our cooperation, our agency is responsible for brand awareness activities, online and offline brand appearances, strategic planning and execution of social media campaigns, and bringing customers closer to quality products through various events.

As the first step of our cooperation, we organized an influencer shopping experience event, followed by a new collection launch press event.

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PS: PRovocative communicates premium fashion
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