Our events for Luxottica in 2021
Photoshooting the FW21 collections of Luxottica

Our events for Luxottica in 2021

Although the pandemic built its mark both at the beginning and at the end of the year, we could organise personal, offline events from late Spring to Autumn, while fully keeping safety regulations. 

2021 was an exciting year with Luxottica, as first, we launched Vogue Squad, an international ambassador program for Vogue Eyewear, which started with a campaign launch event for our Hungarian influencers.

We supported several partner events, and we also launched the company’s Spring-Summer and then Fall-Winter collections at press events.

We ended the year with a blogger event in the showroom of Luxottica, where our collaborating influencers also got to know the models of the current collections.

Sustainability and the minimization of waste played a significant role during the events, so our partner, Oh My Green, provided us with sustainable dinnerware and cutlery at PR events. For our partner events, we used crystal glasses, porcelain plates and design accessories that matched the luxurious concept. 

For further sweets, macarons were provided by the Macaron Heaven team in a unique color and flavor combination.

Bree Virág was responsible for our flower gifts, from whom we received beautiful, easy-to-carry and quality bouquets, the durability of which was guaranteed by an extra moisturizing packaging.

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Our events for Luxottica in 2021
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