Video case studies for Michelin
We are working on an international ambassador program
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Video case studies for Michelin

The type of tyre on a machine plays a very significant role, but farmers usually only learn this from personal experience. To facilitate the process, we created video case studies on behalf of our client, Michelin. 

Videoshooting and photography are always a pleasure for us. We have been a long-established team with the Cinestyle team, as we have worked together on several projects in the past years.

The video from Solt was made last summer, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic (which didn’t make our job any easier), and the Osko case study was filmed in July this year. The videos can be viewed under the BTS photos.

If your company needs similar case studies, please contact us.

Werk photos:

Totyafarm, Solt:

Balázs family farm, Oszkó:

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