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Our events for Luxottica in 2021

Although the pandemic built its mark both at the beginning and at the end of the year, we could organise personal, offline events from late Spring to Autumn, while fully keeping safety regulations. 

Photoshooting the FW21 collections of Luxottica

After having shot the lifestyle photos of Luxottica’s SS21 collections, our agency was responsible for the photoshoot of the FW21 collection as well, which will be seen on the social media platforms of the company’s partners.

Picnic, photoshoot, Vogue Squad

Vogue Eyewear launched the “Vogue Squad” international ambassador program this summer. Regarding the programme, our agency is responsible for campaign coordination in seven Greater Central European countries, and we personally manage the Hungarian, Slovak and Polish campaigns.

Video case studies for Michelin

The type of tyre on a machine plays a very significant role, but farmers usually only learn this from personal experience. To facilitate the process, we created video case studies on behalf of our client, Michelin. 

We are working on an international ambassador program

On behalf of our client, the Luxottica Group, we are working on the international ambassador program of the eyewear brand, Vogue Eyewear. Our agency is responsible for managing the “Vogue Squad” campaigns in seven countries, while we are also personally managing the Hungarian, Slovak and Polish campaigns throughout the year.

Photoshooting the SS21 collections of Luxottica

Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Oliver Peoples, Ray-Ban, Vogue, Oakley –  as we love these glasses, we were very happy to accept our client’s request to take lifestyle photos of some highlighted models from the new collections.

PocketBook is our client again

PocketBook is one of the largest manufacturers of e-readers based on E Ink technology in the world, and is currently present in 35 countries. The brand’s products provide users with an exceptional reading experience anywhere, anytime.

PS: PRovocative became the agency of Vivre

From June 2019, our agency is responsible for Vivre’s Hungarian PR tasks.

PS: PRovocative communicates premium fashion

Our agency is honored with the opportunity to represent one of Poland’s leading fashion brands in the Hungarian market.

We are communicating smartfood

The first task of our agency is helping the launch of ChiaShake in Hungary, but we are expected to extend our work to other brands as well.
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